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  • 南非萨索尔公司


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    corporate structure

    Sasol Limited is the holding company of the Sasol group. It is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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    Our group of companies

    Our companies are organized according to clusters. They are differentiated by the activities they undertake and the products they manufacture and market.

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    South African energy cluster

    • Sasol Mining
    • Sasol Synfuels
    • Sasol Oil
    • Sasol Gas

    International energy cluster

    • Sasol Petroleum International
    • Sasol Synfuels International

    Chemical cluster

    • Sasol Polymers
    • Sasol Solvents
    • Sasol Olefins & Surfactants
    • Sasol Nitro
    • Sasol Wax
    • Sasol Infrachem
    • Merisol

    Other businesses

    • Sasol Technology
    • Sasol Financing

    The group has formed significant joint ventures to promote Sasol technology and products internationally.

    • You can also get a bird's-eye view of our divisions & joint ventures by clicking downloads below.

    sasol history

    Looking at the treasures Sasol has collected over decades, Petra Wessels had to be moved to describe this energy and chemical company in her well researched book, Crescendo to Success: Sasol 1975-1987, as:

    ─ "A masterpiece, a symphony created and executed by the skills, industry and dedication of ordinary people" ─

    Formed in South Africa in 1950 to make oil from coal for a country with no large crude oil reserves, Sasol has grown phenomenally into a global force known for providing technology solutions to an energy-hungry world.

    Milestones on the road to focused global growth


    • Formation of Sasol to commercialise coal-to-liquids technology in South Africa (1950)
    • Our first automotive fuel (1955)
    • Joint venture Natref oil refinery begins production at Sasolburg (1971)
    • Development of new collieries at Secunda, South Africa (1975)
    • Listing on the JSE in Johannesburg (1979)
    • First Sasol Advanced SyntholTM (SASTM ) reactor, commissioned at Sasolburg (1989)
    • Launch of polymer production and first international chemical marketing office at Birmingham, UK (1990)
    • Establishment of the Asian-Pacific sales office at Hong Kong, China (1992)
    • Commissioning of first full-scale Sasol Slurry Phase reactor at Sasolburg (1993)
    • Formation of Polifin joint venture with AECI – now Sasol Polymers (1994)
    • Formation of international wax business – now Sasol Wax (1995)
    • Commissioning of first of nine SASTM reactors at Secunda (1996)
    • Formation of Exel Petroleum begins Sasol's Black Economic Empowerment programme (1997)

    2000 to date

    • First agreement signed for developing our first GTL plant, Oryx (2001)
    • Sasol Mining wins Platts/Business Week Global Energy Award for coal company of the year (2002)
    • Sasol lists on the New York Stock Exchange in the USA (2003)
    • Start of natural gas production in Mozambique's Temane field; Sasol Oil merges with Exel Petroleum and enters the South African fuel retail market (2004)
    • Engineering procurement and construction contract awarded for the GTL plant in Nigeria (2005)
    • Launch of major Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) deals for Sasol Oil and Sasol Mining (2006)
    • First international GTL plant, Oryx, starts production in Qatar (2007)
    • Commissioning of third Secunda 1-octene plant and Arya Sasol Polymer facilities in Iran (2008)
    • Sasol concludes landmark R24 billion Sasol Inzalo broad-based BEE transaction (2008)
    • Feasibility study advances for the design and development of a CTL plant in China (2009)
    • Sasol Technology opens state-of-the-art fuel testing facility in Capricorn Park, Cape Town (2009)
    • Sasol signs joint venture agreement with Uzbekneftegaz to establish a gas-to-liquids venture in Uzbekistan (2009)

    Today Sasol's operational footprint extends to more than 30 countries; the company currently employs about 34 000 people. And in response to the growing international interest in its coal-to-liquids and gas-to-liquids offerings, Sasol continues to expand its international presence.

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